Days of Grace

Director: Jaakko Pyhälä

Production design & Props:
Jukka Uusitalo, Tiina Tuovinen

They wanted to escape, but where…?

It is 1742, the time of the Russo-Swedish War. Tiny Finland has become a pawn in the struggle for power between the surrounding superpowers of Sweden and Russia. The movement of Russian troops causes fear and uncertainty among the people.

According to the prevailing practice, all lepers and lunatics have been moved, or redeemed, to a closely guarded, almost desolate island off the coast to live out their own desperate lives there. Anna and Anton, two young people, find themselves on the island by Accident. This marks the beginning of a desperate attempt to return To the mainland, back to real life.

Their story is told by master Decency, one of the lunatics. A powerful and beutiful escape story, surrounded by a strange world.


Most of the movie was put together in Estonia in the small island of Nape Saar. Everything that can be seen in the photo page was constructed for the film.

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