Lipton Cockton

Director: Jari Halonen

Production design & Props:
Jukka Uusitalo, Ilmari Hakala

Vladivostok in 2037 A.D. People are mysteriously exploding. Detective Lipton Cockton attempts to solve the case in a scruffy Blade Runner-esque milieu.

A visually wild film that, up to a point, takes its inspiration from films like BLADE RUNNER, but then escapes from the cliches of the others into a maniac world of its own; the grotesque humour and shamelessly chequered collection of characters guarantees that this sex-soaked future will fulfil Halonen`s directorial philosophy: maybe the only film that provides the final answer to the greatest problems of the 20th century, and won`t bore the viewers to death.


This was a low budget film produced with 3000000 finnish marks = 500000 €.

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