Los Amantes del Círculo Polar

Director: Julio Medem

Production Designer: Satur Idarreta

Art Director in Finland
Jukka Uusitalo, Tiina Tuovinen

Two lovers, about to meet at the edge of the Arctic Circle, Ana (Najwa Nimri) and Otto (Fele Martínez) recount the events that led them there …

Ana and Otto are eight years old when they first encounter each other running in the woods near their school. Ana’s father has just died in a car crash, and Otto’s parents are separating. As they stare at each other, Ana wonders if her father’s spirit has entered the body of this young boy, while Otto is simply spellbound by this girl. From this moment on, their lives are inextricably bound.

Otto is a dreamy boy who loves airplanes and all things to do with aviation. One day he sends a squad of paper airplanes flying onto the schoolyard, which results in a romance between his father Alvaro (Nancho Novo) and Ana’s mother, Olga (Maru Valdivielso). Alvaro and Olga move in together, imposing a familial state on their two children.

Otto lives with his mother, Ula (Beate Jensen), but he visits his father each weekend. Otto silently adores Ana, but is unable to give expression to that love. Only when they are teenagers does Ana abandon the idea of Otto as a proxy for her father. When Otto tells a story about how he came to be named after a German pilot with whom his grandfather struck up a brief friendship during the Spanish Civil War, Ana is suddenly able to see him as a person with his own history. She discovers that Otto is in love with her, and decides that she wants to fall in love with him, too. One night, as they pore over a map of the Arctic Circle, the land of the midnight sun and white nights, she leans over and kisses him.

The relationship quickly intensifies and, in order to be closer to Ana, Otto leaves his mother’s house to live with his father full-time. The lovers pretend to be indifferent, if not hostile, to each other in front of their parents, but they soon consummate their relationship, sleeping together on the sly. However, in leaving his mother’s house, Otto has effectively broken the vow he made to her as a child, that he would love her forever and never desert her as his father did. One day, he goes to visit her and finds her in the kitchen, dead of a broken heart. Devastated and guilt-stricken, Otto runs away from his father’s house, leaving no note or explanation.

Ana is thus left alone, her life suddenly dull and joyless. As an adult, she is uncertain about what direction her life should take. When by chance she meets Javier (Pep Munné), Otto’s former schoolteacher, Ana embraces the coincidence and ends up moving in with him and becoming a schoolteacher herself. Olga, meanwhile, has left Alvaro for a Finnish television producer (Jaroslaw Bielski), who is also named Alvaro.

With Ana no longer at the center of his life, Otto sets out to construct an existence for himself. He fulfills his lifelong dream when he gets a job as a pilot for a courier company flying between Spain and Finland. Ana breaks up with Javier and her need to get out of town leads her to Finland, where she visits her new stepfather’s father, whose name turns out to be Otto and who lends Ana his cottage in Lapland, on the Arctic Circle. Talking with this new Otto, Ana begins to suspect that he is the same German pilot for whom her beloved Otto was named. Her belief confirmed, Ana writes to her Otto about this final, astounding coincidence. In the land of the midnight sun, the circle of Ana and Otto’s entwined lives will finally begin to close.


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