Director: Tapio Piirainen

Production design: Jukka Uusitalo

Raid is a legend in the underworld, a vigilant avenger of mythical proportions. Everyone has heard of Raid, but no one has seen him and he is commonly believed a myth. Raid is said to have his own modus operandi and morals that he won’t compromise.

After some time abroad Raid returns to Finland. He is planning to meet his old love, Tarja, but times have changed. Helsinki is now the site for the World Bank meeting, and the anti-globalisation demonstrations demand the life of a young woman. The case is assigned to Raid’s old friend, Inspector Jansson. From him Raid discovers that Tarja is dead. She and three other persons died when the quarters of New Power, an activist magazine was burnt down.

Inspector Jansson asks Raid to investigate the arson. Secretly he suspects that Tarja is still alive, but cleverly he withholds this information from Raid. Jansson figures that Raid will take his revenge and find the arsonist even if the police can not.

2003en       Raid_elokuvan_kansikuva_DVD