We have been in the film industry since 1991. Our main field is film production, but we have also made numerous TV series, commercials and theatre plays.

What we do:

♦ We define and manage every visual aspect of a film.
♦ We work with the Director and Producer to produce a budget and schedule.
♦ We direct the team responsible for producing the visual elements
e.g., sets and props.
♦ We help Directors to define and achieve the look and feel of a film.

What we have:

♦ We have expert knowledge of many art and design-related subjects including draughtsmanship, technical drawing, colour theory, architecture, building and construction, history of design, interior design, cameras and lenses, lighting.

“The true mystery of
the world is the visible,
not the invisible”
Oscar Wilde

Updated 23.03.2018.